Monday, February 23, 2009

Tomato seedlings up!

My tomato seedlings are up. These are paste tomatoes, specifically Amish Paste and Purple Russian. We haven't done paste tomatoes before, and decided it would be cheaper to start our own.

Peppers are doing well, but they are soooo sloooooow. >>

Onions...not sure how the onions are doing. I have no experience to judge by. If they don't do well, I'll just order onion sets next month. Aren't they adorable?


YD said...

Nice to see those seedlings. I haven't start any of mine yet. This weekend I will start the peppers, eggplants and Opalka tomatoes(it's a type of paste tomato).

Jody M said...

I almost bought Opalka this year but didn't. Maybe next year. I think my MiL bought some, though.

YD said...

This is my first year with heirlooms. I've got a few heirloom tomatoes and 1 heirloom pepper(Italian Pepperoncini).