Monday, March 23, 2009

New Waterline!!!

Waaaay back in...oh, what was it Martha? 20 ought one? When we put in our new well. Yes, 2001. Waaaaay back in 2001, we had our new well drilled and even though we wanted to put in another outside water line then, we didn't.

Well, we have one now. Over the weekend, Matt dug a 4' deep trench and we laid the line. It goes from the orange cone at the right of the picture across the yard to the left. You can just barely make out the wellhead at the far left.

The outside hydrant we did put in 8 years ago sprung a leak last spring and we replaced it this weekend, too. What a PITA that was. Matt had to dig down 6' to get at that one.

Hopefully these new outside hydrants won't freeze. This was all done primarily to give us more water options when watering the new garden.

We have a line of 6 pine trees behind the house. In the event of heavy winds after a nice, wet spring these trees may land on the house and/or garage. We will be taking these 4 down in about a week. Say goodbye to the pine trees! >> You can see one of them is split, it's amazing that it hasn't broken and come down yet.

We will be able to begin demolising the garage as soon as the trees are down. I'm excited about that.

I did some planting this weekend, stay tuned for an update on that tomorrow.

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