Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Not what Sunkist had in mind

This is our dog, Max. Max is a yorkie and has a LOT of hair. We trim him 3-4 x/year just to keep him from dragging entire tree branches indoors with him.

(left) Max before a haircut
(right) Max after a haircut v

So. What to do with all the hair? Well, the great thing about dog hair is that it dogs!! Small critters that eat things in my vegetable garden are repelled by dog smell. (Some people are, too). Hmmmm.....

I have about 2-3 trimmings worth saved up in a ziplock baggie at home. I've also been keeping those mesh bags you get cherry tomatoes and avocados in at the grocery store.

Put some dog hair in a mesh bag, maybe half a cup or so. Fasten it off with a twisty-tie. If you have one of the looong bags, put another twisty-tie on it (like so > >). Cut between them. This way you can get 4-6 hair bags per mesh bag.

To keep animals like raccoons, bunnies, squirrels, The results from you labors, small bags full of dog hair, can be scattered around your vegetable patchand possums away. I've even had good luck keeping deer away from our patch.

I would also recommend this method in your flower and bulb gardens.


Beth said...

Good tip, good post. I'm trimming my blonde poodle-dachshund mix today, so I will save her fur to help save my blueberries!

Jody M said...

Hey, thanks! Try hanging the bags from the branches, and let us know how it works out.

Angie said...

Thanks for the tip. I know a few people who have dogs, so I'll ask them if they have any dog hair to spare.