Friday, May 29, 2009

Ferns and Hanging Baskets

We had a few minor chores to get out of the way....

The ferns at the back of the house grow so large they flop over the pathway, so every year we use that cheap link fencing to try (usually in vain) to keep the pathway clear.

Notice the ferns are taller than Matt while he's sitting down. They are a few inches shy of my shoulders.

We also got the hanging baskets for the tomatoes pretty much done. I still need to cut some landscaping fabric for inside the bottoms, mix the medium and plant. Hopefully all that will happen this weekend, it is supposed to be nice out.


Little Ant said...

I'm liking those hanging baskets. Are they 5 gallon buckets? Also, what kind of tomatoes are you going to plant in those?

Jody M said...

Yup, 5-gallon buckets painted with spray paint for plastic (we would have prefered a light green). I can't remember all the varieties I have set asside for the hangers. A Mortgage Lifter, a Tlacolula, Aunt Ruby's German Green. 9 total, I'll list them after I plant them this weekend. I'm not sure the Mortgage Lifter is going to make it, I may have to replace it.