Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weekly Update 5 6 2009

I'm going to start doing a weekly update again, hopefully this will keep me on track with things that are happening around the house.

We've had nothing but rain for the past week, with another week of nothing but rain coming up. I was really hurting for something to post about here until Matt mentioned that the potatoes were up! I was so happy, I went and got a picture. The red potatoes are on the right, yukon golds on the left.

A shiny orb appeared in the sky and cast shadows through the window, I circled the resulting shadows as they appeared on the yellow fan, right.

My tomatoes are looking weird, and I'm going to move them back inside, probably to the greenhouse. I really hope they aren't diseased after all the work I put into them.

So far we've picked 1.5lb of asparagus. I'm really impressed with that number considering they are all new plants. One thing I'm planing on doing this year is keeping track of our bounty and trying to put a price tag on it. I want to figure out how much we'd have paid if we bought all this in the store, including things like jarred salsa vs. the salsa we make ourselves. I have a spreadsheet started and everything. Stay tuned!

I took this cool picture looking down the milk jug cloche I have over the heading lettuce plants. They are doing really well.

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