Thursday, June 18, 2009

Critters, Good and Bad

Bad critters first: flea beetles are devouring my fingerling potatoes. Look at this damage:
Close-up of a flea beetle. They are tiny, the jump as quick as fleas (hence the name), and I'm not sure if there is anything non-chemical that I can do about them:
A snake we recently saw against the garden door. Isn't it beautiful?

A turtle in the garlic patch.
And it moved into the radishes and parsnips.
I didn't do this on purpose, but isn't it funny?


Me voici₪Here I am said...

I am incensed with jealousy about the Turtle! Makes my toads seem meek. But I'll have my toads! ::lol::

Angie said...

Love the snake. Love the turtle. Hate the beetles.

I've heard that planting marigolds wards off flea beetles. Have you heard anything about this or seen any evidence? Also, nasturtiums can be planted as a sacrificial plant, as flea beetles like to eat them better than other plants.

the inadvertent farmer said... the plate! The snake is beautiful, too bad he doesn't eat the flea beetles! Kim