Monday, June 8, 2009

Various Pictures

The sun shining through the decorative glass in Barbara's front door in Virginia:
A 'gremlin' gourd I picked up from a local greenhouse for $.50. No idea what they will look like:
VERY early garlic scapes, I believe these are 'Chinese Pink:'
Some dried strawberry slices.


Me voici₪Here I am said...

That is an awesome pic from Barbara's!

Jody M said...

I thought it was cool. I took a picture with almost every setting on my camera to make sure to get a good one. Matt and Barb thought I was crazy.

Angie said...

Most of my garlic plants (Rosewood, Xian, Korean Red, and Pyong Vang) have developed scapes as well. I THOUGHT it was early? Why do you think the garlic plants are sending up scapes so soon?

Also, on at least half a dozen garlic plants, the scapes I cut off grew back. I've never had garlic plants do this before -- why is this happening?

Jody M said...

I haven't cut any of mine yet. I've never seen them grow back before! Isn't that odd! Do you mean the cut stem continued to grow, or that they put out new, whole scapes?

I don't know why they are early this year. Maybe they just had a really happy spring?

Angie said...

The cut stem continues to grow and even develops a new bud. Weird, huh?

Jody M said...

I've never had that happen.