Monday, June 1, 2009

Virginia Trip, part 1

Matthew and I went a week ago to visit a friend and former coworker of mine, Barbara. She lives in the historic Lexington area of Virginia. She is lucky enough to have a view like this:
And she also has a fantastic garden. Barbara was the first serious gardener I'd ever met. For someone like me who grew up with the old standards of daffodils and forsythia, meeting Barbara was odd. She grew strange things with names like oaxalis and agastache! Weird.

This is one of her gardens in Virginia:
Lots of irises blooming while we were there, some alliums. Some roses. Things I can't remember off the top of my head right now.

I can't remember what this is, but it had a nice, silvery seed head. We want to get some:

Silver mound, something blooming pink along with something blooming yellow:

Barbara also grows orchids. A catleya was blooming while we were there (2 blooms):

We had a wonderful, relaxing trip and did absolutely nothing but relax, eat, sleep, and have really really great conversation. We're planning on going back during the height of tomato season for a tasting. It should be fun, looking forward to it!

Stay tuned for part 2: Edible Landscaping


Little Ant said...

Beautiful view and garden. Jody,I love the way you describe the flowers, "Silver mound, something blooming pink along with something blooming yellow". You sound just like me when I don't know what the devil the plants are. Kindred spirits I guess. Anyway, you really cracked me up with that caption.

Jody M said...

I'm much better with the names of things than I used to be. I can look at 'Aquilegia' and know it is 'Columbine,' for example. Most of it I don't know, though. Color is as good a description as any! :)

YD said...

Really nice pictures of your friend's garden.