Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Can You Feel It?

Yesterday, we had one helluva thunderstorm roll through here. It poured, then stopped, then the lightening came. The lightening was impressive, we had several *flash* CRACK back to back, really really close. The ones that make you physically cringe. Then it poured again. I love a good thunderstorm, we haven’t had as many around here the past few years as we normally do.

We usually get thunderstorms in May and June. This year, not a thunderstorm was to be had in those months. Well, not like usual, anyway.

It is hot as hell and humid outside, much like it normally is this time of year. We’ve been spoiled this year by the cool summer. It has been divine! I’m not at all complaining, believe me….

The interesting think is that through all the heat and humidity….can’t you just feel autumn? Sort of sneaking up on us all, unawares? I planted several fall crops today: peas, the last of the beets (well, I accidently dumped the packet out while I was doing that, too, so I may have a 2”x2” plot of beets this year), turnips, spinach. And the pumpkins are turning orange. And the winter squash are starting to have their stems harden.

And the really noisy insects are out at night. What are those things? You almost can’t hear someone standing right next to you! I call August the Noisy Night Month, seriously.

And you know it didn’t feel like autumn when I had sweat dripping from the end of my nose earlier today, but something clicked after I got to work and it said in a small, barely audible whisper…

….autumn’s coming…..


Me voici₪Here I am said...

I thought I smelled Autumn the other day, but I know too well it is Summer. I can't help but wonder what Autumn is going to be like. I hope it is pleasant and not sticky.

Jody M said...

I think it is the angle of the sun that is getting me to feel 'autumn.'