Monday, August 3, 2009

Two Totally Terriffic Tips

Neither one are from me. Sorry.

First, check out this post about pumpkin growing. I *cannot* believe the difference.

Second, while looking for information on vine borers, I found a great tip about warding off downy mildew. It seems that spraying the leaves of the plants with a dilute kelp seaweed solution will keep downy mildew away. So far, it has worked for me and I'm thrilled, as I lost all my summer squash plants last year to downy mildew. I do have some leaves that have it and I'm spraying them to see if it will actually get rid of it, too. Stay tuned!


Me voici₪Here I am said...

Yeah. Dad composted with some shroom compost a local farmer recommended, and I did with kitchen scraps. I think when he saw what happened with my pumpkins, well that was the day he brought out a bin to compost. :-)

These look likes some good tips on pumpkins too. My Lumina pumpkin plants seem the most susceptible to the mildew while the Jahrrdale didn't get any at all.

Jody M said...

I added maybe 2 shovelfuls of compost to my squash mounds. Some are doing better than others, but still.

I may have some kelp concentrate when you come down in October, I can give you some. Boy, does it stink. Don't bring a breakable bottle!