Wednesday, September 23, 2009

August VA Trip part 3: We Went Places

We've been down to visit Barbara a few times in the past year, so we'd done most of the big ticket items, like Natural Bridge and Monticello. I did a little research and found a few places up the road that sounded promising, so we headed up there.

First, we visited an old and still working flour mill. Wade's Mill is in Raphine, the same exit as White's Truck Stop. It is a beautiful old mill, typical of the type that dotted this part of the country very early on. This mill, however, is still in operation. They offer a LOT of great cooking equipment, from spatulas to fondue sets, and also a nice assortment of locally hand-woven baskets and handmade pottery. Of course, they also sell a lot of baking equipment, including but not limited to German willow coiled rising baskets for bread and other various bread baking toys.

They also have various types of flour (buckwheat, semolina, rye, etc), grits, mixes, cracked wheat and wheatberries, and syrups, butters and jams. I got a little of everything!
After that, we went to a yarn shop on the same road. I didn't get any pictures here. It is called the Orchardside Yarn Shop. It is (surprise!) on the same property as an orchard! Imagine that! You can go, buy yarn, pick berries, and have a grand time of it all. It is a small shop, but has a huge selection that seems to be heavy on the wools and wool blends, as well as variagated colors. Very busy when we were there. Very very nice proprietor.

After that, we went back to Lexington and drove around the VMI campus. It is a beautiful campus, the architecture is glorious. The picture below is of one of the many *houses* along the parade grounds that house some of the higher-ups in the administration. Admirals, vice-admirals, etc. All have nameplates outside.

I love the doors on the building below:

There were new students in formation on the parade grounds when we were there:

We had a wonderful time. Chickens and military schools and yarn and flour and good food and best of all....good company!

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