Friday, September 4, 2009

Behind Schedule

For various reasons, I'm behind schedule in downloading pictures and such. I've got 3 weeks of pictures to take care of.

However, I'm home this weekend with little to do except recoup from my Friday-morning wisdom tooth extraction, so I am hoping to get things running again tomorrow.

Stay tuned for melon updates!


Mama Pea said...

Owie, owie, ow! I hope your recuperation from the wisdom tooth extraction goes smoothly. (Had all four of mine taken out eons ago . . . when I was 20.) Try to relax and not exert too much. A tooth extraction is more of a shock to the whole body than a lot of people realize.

Jody M said...

I had my other three out about 15 years ago, but we didn't have health insurance, they were easy (ha) extractions, and I had to pay for it all out of pocket so I elected not to be knocked out. I know. I figure if I can do THAT I can do anything.

This one was impacted, I've been having some trouble with it this summer, and for a variety of other reasons I decided to just get it done. All went well (except the Adventures with Vicodin), and I've had very little pain and no visible swelling.

Thanks for the encouragement!