Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Earlier in the spring when I was at a local greenhouse, I picked up 4 tiny peanut plants on a whim to see what would happen. They grew, they flowered....what pretty yellow flowers:

They stuck things in the ground, like they're supposed to:

And, by gum, they're producing peanuts!
Can you believe it? I'm growing peanuts! North of the Mason Dixon line, too! OK, maybe half a mile north, but still! How cool is that??
I accidentally pulled some up while weeding, so I know I have several at the very least. The one above appears to be starting to turn brown. I've read that you can pull the plants when the leaves start turning yellow, but I've also read to pull the plants after the first frost. Any other advice??


YD, sometimes with Samantha & June said...

Ha, I love the title of this post!!!
That's cool that you got some peanuts!

Kathleen Stoltzfus said...

Hey, I decided to try my hand at peanuts too! I couldn't wait and dug one up just to see. There were a few large ones and several smaller ones. I guess I'll wait until the plants start turning brown before digging the rest up.

Selina said...

This is amazing! I have something to look forward to.

Me voici₪Here I am said...