Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Garage Demise, Part 6

The past three weekend have been nonstop rain, which has put a huge damper on our progress. We had hoped to have the concrete slab poured by now (Halloween), but no. We're planning on next weekend, weather permitting.

The walls are down now. I didn't get pictures because it happened while I was at work. You will also notice a lot of broken up block all over the ground. It turned out that some of the block we could reuse and some we couldn't, so instead of paying for disposal of the worthless block, we decided we could bust it up (with help, thanks Angie!) and use it for fill for the future concrete pad in this area. That busted block would have been about $800 of stone. Not bad for a savings!

In these pictures, Matt is on Kubby and is in the process of taking down the 'lentils' that run above the bays of the garage.
And here it goes!
Kerwhump. Well, that one is done.

Our small, furry roadblock:

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