Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Garage Demise, part 7

This is the concrete-prep post. Sorry if I'm boring people out there with all the details, but I find it a bit interesting. I've never been part of a demolition/rebuild before. And I'd like to document it for the future, too, so we can look back someday and say "Remember when..."

After the roof and walls were down, we needed to prep the existing pad for a new layer of concrete. We decided to pour right on top of the existing pad. We had no idea how thick the current one was (it turned out to be waaaay thicker than we'd thought, about 10" instead of 4"):

We needed to get as much crud off as possible, and we decided to scrub the back wall while we were at it, too, since that was staying as well. Check out the dirt coming off the wall!

Of course, AFTER we had swept and scrubbed the floor as much as we could, DH decided to take the steel I-beam down. After we'd cleaned the floor. After. *sigh*

They decided to try to push it up using a 4x4 and Kubby. This, I felt, was destined to be a bit of a disaster...
The pole fell over:
The pole gets put back up:
It doesn't work. Thank god, I can just see the thing slipping and getting launched by the backhoe into the air and coming down on the truck in the background. Just our luck.
Then, he decides to take the bull by the horns and just PUSH it over.
This worked.
He-man is very happy about this. But now we have concrete all over the floor and need to clean it....again.
The I-beam needed to be cut in half. He tried the Saws-all (Sawzall?), but it wouldn't cut. It was starting to burn up....
So he borrowed the torch from the garage across the street...
But proceeded to have a lot of trouble getting it adjusted to where he needed it to be....
So we got the garage guy (and our neighbor, for now) to do it.
The next installment is the one we've all been waiting for: CONCRETE!!! Finally!!!


Me voici₪Here I am said...

wow. this is some serious ::BLEEP::.

Mama Pea said...

You are so wise to document all of this. Thankfully, we do forget ALL the blood, sweat and tears that goes into a project of this magnitude . . . but pictures (and the blog writing)will jog your memory in the future . . . and should also give you a sense of pride for all the hard work and real accomplishment.

Interesting to see the project progressing. Thanks for sharing.