Monday, December 21, 2009

The Perfect Storm

We had a wonderful snow storm on Saturday. When I got up at 5am to let Max outside I think we already had 2-3 inches. By 8:30 it was 6 or so. By 10am the car looked like this:
Matt was on-call (and was a bear about it). He did get 5 calls. Four of them he actually was able to troubleshoot via phonecall and talk the people through lighting their own pilot flame, checking to see if the vents were covered with snow, etc, and even did a more complicated call with a guy who was far more mechanically inclined than most and could handle it. Matt did have to run out once.

For the most part, though, we mostly stayed inside and watched birdies:

We went out once to shovel off the 2nd floor of the garage:
By 4pm the car looked like this:

We went out to shovel a few places for Max to do his thing because by 8pm we had a taller-than-a-yorkie snow. By 8:15, Max looked like this:
Sunday, we had some wind and the blowing snow with the sun behind it was gorgeous:All told, just shy of 19" here. A big snow for us. I think they're calling for another this week. I *really* hope we don't have a sudden warm spell, can you imagine the flooding??


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

Ya, you guys really got slammed! Poor Max, he looked like he has no clue what to do.
We got NONE!

Mama Pea said...

Omigosh. Your snow makes our paltry 4" look like nothing! Methinks little Max would have been up a creek if you hadn't shoveled a path for him.

Looks like you've got a White Christmas to me! Enjoy!

Angie said...

16" in my neck of the woods, with possibly more to come on Christmas Day.

Poor Max!

Me voici₪Here I am said...

Yikes! Yowza and Jealous! We got a mere fraction of what you got... which is odd because it is usually the other way around.