Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rebuild Part 4: Second Buncha Days!

Day 11 (November 24): We built the main beam for the garage. 27'.-
Day 12: We put it up:
Here is the lower half of someone. Not sure what happened to the upper half:
Day 13: Thanksgiving. You guessed it, the joists went up:

Day 15: Stairs.
Somewhere around here, we started putting plywood up as a windbreak. The garage door is boarded up temporarily:
Day 16: Plywood floor for the 2nd story!
Day 16ish: stairs completed.
A lot of other little stuff happened in the meantime.
Day 22: The closet under the stairs was framed in:
Day 22 was Saturday, December 5th. Stay tuned!

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Angie said...

Good progress!