Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Oranges, part 2

After canning the clementines, I had a lot of orange peel.

Did I mention I had a lot of orange peel? A lot. I cut it mostly into strips:
I had so much I wound up boiling them in two batches. The first batch I boiled in two water baths and I changed the water once. They boiled for 2o minutes each, and I thought the first batch was really mushy. The second batch I only boiled once for 20 minutes. They were tough. Note to self: two water baths of 10 minutes each are fine for orange peel (3 @ 20min each are good for grapefruit peel, usually).

After everything is boiled to death, you mix an equal amount of sugar to what you have of orange peel (2 cups orange peel=2 cups sugar). Mix in a little (NOT much, like 1/4-1/2 cup) water and add the orange peel. Stir until it spins a thread.

Well, that's what the directions say. I don't know what that means, so I just stir until it seems things have been absorbed well.

Then, dump them out on a parchment/wax paper-lined cookie sheet to dry. Try to separate them out pretty well or else they will take days to dry like mine did. Ahem.

I also didn't use wax paper and, as you can see above, had to chip them off the cookie sheet. A little spray of water helped with this.
Some of them were destined for the chocolate dip. nyum.


Me voici ∞ Here I am said...

I thought "stir until it spins a thread" meant that a "steady line of whatever falls from spoon to surface".

Neat idea. I bet lemons would be fantastic!

Angie said...

They must have smelled heavenly as you prepared them!