Monday, May 12, 2008

Weekly Veggie Patch Update – 5/12/08

Another 4 inches of rain. Fortunately, most of the seeds I planted are already sprouted and are established, so I’m not too worried about anything rotting. I have melon and squash seedlings chugging along and I plan on putting them in hopefully in about a week.

I’m including a picture this week of my rosemary in bloom. I haven't had good luck with the rosemary in the herb bed so this year I planted it on the sheltered side of the house and it lived through the winter!

I also have pictures of the spinach and the arugula. I think it is arugula, I’m really not sure. Nothing much is coming up in that bed, so I’ll probably be planting the melons in this spot, too.

I’m waiting for some nice weather to plant the cucumbers and pole beans and the tomato and pepper seedlings.

I don’t know if the broccoli is going to broccle this year, I don’t see any florets forming. I’ve never grown broccoli before, so this is a test to see what happens.

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Me voici₪Here I am said...

Broccle? I love, LOVE it! And I am so going to use it!