Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Monthly Update 9/21/08

Again, not keeping up with this as much as I’d like. I somewhat got derailed when Max had his medical emergency and never got back on track (most recent Max update on my other blog). It wasn’t just this, though, I got off track with the garden, too. I’m going to be playing catch up here over the next couple weeks with a bunch of my infamous So, what do you do with….? series, and I will do a couple bits on flowering things from the summer.

Tomatoes are starting to wind down. There are still a LOT of fruits on the vines, but they are taking a long time to ripen. Same with the peppers.

Cucumbers are done, as are the beans. Not at all thrilled with the beans I grew this year. The Roc d’Or yellow beans were terrible, did not like them at all. And they were spotty and bug-chewed very badly, so I pulled the plants and I’m going to burn them (as opposed to putting them in the compost bin, since they’re diseased or something). The Kentucky Wonder pole beans were very tasty raw, but cooked they were mushy and tasteless. I may grow some next year, but only for eating raw. Otherwise, I’m in the market for a couple new varieties of beans.

I started some fall crops, I have broccoli in and just planted some spinach seedlings. I planted some fall radishes that are pink on the inside, white skins. They’re called watermelon radishes. I also put in some more beets, but I may not get any out before it turns really cold.

The parsnips are still in the ground, I did pull the 5 smallest ones to see how they’re doing. They were very nice, smelled wonderful. I hope to get a good batch out, and will probably grow them again next year.

I have 2 orange pumpkins and one winter squash of the Triamble variety.

Now is the time to be planting garlic, but we aren’t quite yet. No place at the moment. I may put them where the beans were this year and between the broccoli. We’ll see.

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