Wednesday, December 31, 2008


I haven't updated this in a while, so I thought I'd kick one out here for the new year.

Garlic is coming up, but I'm worried that the 2nd batch I planted got in too late. None of it has come up yet, and it rained like 2" a couple days after I planted it, I hope it didn't rot. Or freeze.
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Parsnips were wonderful for Christmas dinner, roasted. Not tough or woody at all, which had worried me because they were sooo big,

We have plans to expand the Paw Paw Patch (named after my paternal grandfather, a post on him is to come sometime in the future) to include a larger section for paste and sauce tomatoes. We're going to call that the Grandma Mary V. Annex, for Matt's maternal grandmother who died this past summer. She did literally HUNDREDS of cans of tomato sauce every year, so it seems appropriate to invoke her presence for that.

The compost bin didn't get a 2nd batch out this year, but it will work very quickly once the weather starts warming up, and I just keep adding to it. The green house is totally finished and re-inforced. My potting bench is done, too, I will get some pictures of that sometime for a future post.

And the catalogs keep coming. I got a burpee catalog, which went directly in the trash this year. I got the Seed Savers Exchange catalog a couple weeks ago quickly followed by Seeds of Change, and a new one called Pinetree Garden Seeds out of Maine. They seem to have a nice variety with more than a few heirlooms and such, so I may order from them this year, too.

All I need now is the John Scheeper catalog, and then I can toil away making lists, researching, fretting and pacing to and fro, trying to decide on the perfect varieties for this year.

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YD said...

That's nice that you guys are naming the garden after Grandma Mary.
So far I have only gotten 1 catalog from Johnny Seeds because I bought some garlic from them this year. I have requested catalogs from a few other places just last month so, I think it would be a while before I get them.