Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Garden Overvew 2008, part 2

Beans: wasn’t thrilled with either variety. The Roc d’Or didn’t taste like anything raw or steamed, and it got a black-spot disease. The KY Wonder was great growing and good raw, but didn’t taste like anything steamed. I’m looking for a few new varieties.

Onions: Walla Walla grew beautifully, but didn’t store well. Thank god I found that recipe for French Onion Marmalade! Good sweet variety, but I’m going to grow a storer this year.

Garlic: crappy season, but I did find 5 new varieties that I have in now. Here’s hoping they do well this year.

Shallots: did not get one shallot out this year, but I have some in the ground now. Hoping they do well, otherwise I’ll actually have to break down and buy new seed stock next year.

Carrots: a breakdowns:

  • Oxheart grew almost as big as the description (4” by 6”), and they were not woody, but some of them looked like martian carrots. Still, interesting and entertaining.
  • Short & Sweet was short and sweet. I tend to grow carrot varieties for heavier soil, because I don’t sift my soil like crazy and make it sandy and fine. The shorter and bulkier carrots are usually what I stick to. This is a nice variety.
  • Royal Chantenay is a longer-rooted carrot and it is the first time I have ventured into this type, and I was surprised to see that they did really well!
  • Parmex Baby Ball was adorable, and about the size of a shooter marble. Maybe a little bigger. Great for salads, I will grow this again.

Stay tuned for part 3, in which we will go over lettuce, parsnips and much much more!

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