Monday, January 26, 2009

Seeds Ordered 2009

These are all in addition to the seeds I have left over from last year, and I had a LOT left over.

I hadn't anticipated ordering so much, but this is what happens when you get The Bug. I'm also going to have a lot more room to fill up, so this is the main excuse that was running through my mind as I kept adding to the list.

Even so, there are a bunch of things I'd like to order but didn't because I didn't want to go too overboard. I just petted the pictures on the pages of the catalog and whispered "Next year, my darling."

Ok, that sounded weird.

Links to some of the more interesting things:

Seed Savers Exchange: Snail Flower, Amish Deertongue looseleaf lettuce, and Sweet Chocolate pepper (brown outside, red inside).

John Scheeper’s Kitchen Seeds: Yellowstone carrot, Hailstone radish (white), Helios radish (yellow), Caribbean Red Habanero pepper (Satan-death hot. Matt wanted it, I don’t know why. Neither of us eat hot peppers).

Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds: Molly Frazier bean, Little Marvel pea, Jaune Paille des Vertus onion, Tlacolula pink tomato, Amish Paste tomato, Purple Russian tomato, Haogen (sometimes just Ogen) Israeli melon.

Pinetree Garden: mostly non-seed stuff here. Coir bricks and rice hulls (for making my own seed-starting medium); either Sluggo or Diatomaceous Earth to help me with my slug problems, which were HORRIBLE last year; Russian Banana fingerling potatoes; Cosmic Purple carrots; and buckwheat to use as a cover crop for some of the area I’m probably not going to get to garden this year.

Seeds of Change: Safflower; Turga parsnips; Yellow Intermediate Mangel beets; Reve Scallopini squash; Sweet Valentine looseleaf lettuce; and Speckled Field pea, another cover crop.

Cook’s Garden: Yummy sweet pepper (orange); Kwintus pole bean (a long, flat Italian variety); Munich Bier Radish (CAN’T WAIT!!!); Trionfo VIoletto purple pole bean; and an order of leek seedlings.

Territorial Seeds: only two things here. An order of a dozen sweet potato slips and an order of some real, honest-to-god French Gray Shallots, which would be for fall.


YD said...

Caribbean Red Habanero peppers are extremely HOT! I planted them 2 years ago, by mistake because the plants my neighbor gave me were mislabeled. I ended up with lots of habanero peppers which I dried and grinded up. I still have the dried peppers, can't only use very little in food.

You've got lots ordered! I love the melon selection. Next year I want to try Tigger melon.

Jody M said...

I tried the Prescott Fond Blanc melon this past year (seed savers exchange). The description made me drool, but I didn't get any flowers or fruit. I'm going to try it again this year, though.

I think Matt wants to give the hot peppers to unsuspecting people as a prank. :(

I also forgot to add the seeds we'd purchased at Montecello: Tennisball lettuce and Bath Cos lettuce, and an okra called Cow's Horn.