Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I started my pepper plants and onions this past Sunday. This is how I deal with them, keeping them warm from the radiator and placing them in the SE window, the only one where I get enough light. This worked really well last year.

Here are some pictures from my indoor houseplants:

This is my jasmine vine. It is really doing well, I transplanted it last summer into this larger plastic pot. It does bloom through the winter. Notice the long tendril growing above the trellis.

These are my red shamrocks, actually a variety of oxalis. It is a tuber, or a corm. I can't remember which. I gave this to mom years ago for her office, but when she retired she gave them back. I repotted them and FOOM there they went.

This is the Christmas cactus that Tim gave me last October. Notice the new growth at the dirt level as well as the new grow at the tip ends. This was a cutting from his grandmother's plant.


YD said...

I can't believe you started your peppers already.
Those red shamrocks are cool. From the picture, I think I may have one of those a while ago. Do the petals "close" at night?

Jody M said...

Last year I started the peppers the beginning of March and they were way WAY too late. I didn't get any fruit off them before the first frost and I had to dig the plants up and bring them inside in October to let the peppers ripen. I'm playing it safe this year.

I don't think the petals close, I'll have to take a look and get back to you. :)

Jody M said...

I checked, and yes they do close up at night. I've also seen them in green.

In other news, the onion seedlings were up after only 4 days!

Me voici₪Here I am said...

For some reason I didn't think there would be much for you to talk about in this blog it being Winter and all. Ooops.

Looks like you've been busy just the same. I'm glad the cutting is doing so well. This seems to be the time of year it grows. It's a bit off from my other christmas cactii.