Sunday, March 29, 2009

The 'EE' Crops

I did some work on the beet bed. I wanted to raise it up a bit more than it had been. I find it interesting that when people think of making a raised bed they automtically think about the time and cost of trucking in a load of dirt.

People! Dig out the pathways instead! I mean, obviously if you are planning something huge and have sod to take out, etc, then you will have to do a little bit more, but for the smaller plot, digging the pathways can be all you need.

You can see the beginning and end product of my work here. I dug out maybe 2-3 inches, but I could have dug a lot more. It added some nice, dark soil to the bed. I then raked it out and put in the beet seeds.

I believe I'm also going to use this space for the parsnips. The packet of beets didn't go as far as I'd hoped, and I have some space left over.

My leek seedlings came in a bunch that I had to rip appart. I gave about 6 dozen away, but still had at least that many to plant myself.

They were sooo small!

I also had some onions that I somehow missed last summer and lo! They made it through the winter. I moved them, we'll see how they do.

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