Sunday, March 29, 2009

Greenhouse Updated

I was looking through back blog posts and realized that I hadn't updated info about the Greenhouse project! How lazy of me.

The greenhouse continues to be a work in progress. Hooband did quite a bit of work last summer and fall. Our main concern has been the structural integrity of the greenhouse. The kit wasn't exactly sturdy in and of itself, so we elected to buy some of our own brackets and screws and reinforce everything.

We also decided to buy some wood and reinforce the interior to make sure it would take a snow load, as well as gusty wind. We have plenty of both here in the winter.

One of the largest projects was the 'deck' Matt built around it. He put a LOT of time and energy into that deck. I'm really looking forward to using it this summer. The posts around it are for planned hanging tomato baskets this summer. Yum!

Here is another picture of Matt working on the deck. >>

Matt also put a LOT of time into making a potting bench for me, complete with a (not yet piped in) sink. It is truly gorgeous, and I can't wait to use it this summer!

And another picture of the potting bench.

The shelving and such inside isn't finished yet. We purchased this greenhouse knowing that we would be using it as a storage shed the first year (for cleaning out the garage so we can tear it down). That should happen in the next few weeks/couple months.

Stay tuned!


YD said...

You are so spoiled! The potting bench is lovely!
I am thinking about getting a small greenhouse of sort. There really isn't much room inside anymore, each year I add more things to plant in my garden.

Jody M said...

The potting bench is great, isn't it? He used scrap wood on it, if you can believe it.

I think a small greenhouse would come in handy, if you're serious about keeping it up with the gardening. A small one would be a lot easier to move. Ours is pretty much a permanent structure now.