Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Ninja Gardeners and Onions

I started onions from seed this year, first time I've ever tried it. Well, they were tiny. So tiny, in fact, that I am not sure how they will do and I broke down and ordered some onion seedlings from a catalog, just to make sure I had some onions this year.

The variety I grew was called Jaune Paille Des Vertus, which I am told means "Righteous Yellow Straw (hay) Onion" and is a fantastic keeper. I chose it based on the storage time (last year I grew a really nice onion but it wasn't a good keeper, so I wound up throwing some out while quickly making French Onion Marmalade with the rest).

The seedlings are, as you can see, wee little things. That is a yogurt cup they are growing in. I think at most these seedlings were 4" long.

I planted 35 of these, some are already gone. Some seem to be doing well.

I ordered a bunch of Backup Auxiliary onions from Territorial Seeds, another good keeper called Big Daddy. They arrived in Saturday's mail and in the ground they went. I planted 60 of those. They were beautiful, and they already smelled divine.

In other news, we had a sighting of the Ninja Gardener last week. He appeared out of nowhere and spread pine mulch around the walkways of the new veggie patch, and then was gone faster than you can say Bloody Butcher tomato.


Angie said...

The ninja gardener isn't training you to be a hori hori warrior, is he?


Jody M said...

Ahhh, I taught the ninja gardener everything he knows about hori hori knives!!