Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The trees are down. Have I mentioned that I hate it when good, healthy trees are cut down? It almost physically hurts, I don't know why. I really like trees.

The pictures below and left are looking down from the top of the yard. House on the left, flat garage roof in the middle (coiled orange tube on top). Greenhouse right. Trees....gone.

You can see how many large logs we have left. We're in talks with a small sawmill to have them cut into boards, which we will use to side the new garage with. It will save us about $1000 to do this over buying some from Home Desperate.

The next two pictures show the last tree coming down. This is one we were really worried about, it was forked and would swing dangerously in the wind. The tree guys were really concerned about taking it down, but it all worked out ok.

The property is a real swamp right now, muddy and logs and pine stuff all over. We did have all the chipped needles and branches saved, we're putting it in on the walkways in the new garden patch.

Last two trees standing. You can just make out the edge of the house at the right of the picture. If these two fall, they won't hit anything.

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