Friday, February 12, 2010

January 25 Flood Pictures

There's just SOOOOO much exciting weather going on here, Idon't know what to do! These pictures are from 1/25/2010, before either of the big snows we got. And thank god for that, can you imagine what would have happend if we'd gotten 4" of rain on top of 50+ inches of snow?

Anyway all of these were taken with a crappy disposable camera that I bought in the campus shop, so forgive the quality. I'll put the captions above the pictures. If you want access to a campus map, click here. Most of these were taken near the burn buildings, which are located at the top right of the map.

A shot from the point of view of the burn buildings. This is usually a field. Tom's Creek runs on the left. A road parallels it, you can make out the street lights:
From the hill, looking down, again usually field:
More formally field shots:

During the flooding, a stream grew here:
And it was gone the next day (this is the digital camera picture):
Conveniently, they were setting fires at the burn buildings this day:
Another shot, can you see the bridge beside the brick building? Almost under water:
Another shot of the bridge:
There is a low head dam past the trees in the above picture. You can't really see it, but the sound was incredible.

So, flooding. It was gone by 5pm here. In fact, when I took the above pictures the waters were already receeding.

Stay tuned for blizzard pictures tomorrow!!!

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