Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Few Updates

I dug the last of the parsnips and carrots today. I'm going to can the parsnips but for the carrots I think I'm going to slice and dice them and dry them. Anyone have experience with this?

I planted the peas on Sunday, 5 varieties:
I have no experience with the last three, they were given to me by my friend Barbara in Virginia. IIRC, Green Arrow was her favorite. I'm looking forward to seeing how they do.

The Artichoke seedlings are coming along, too. Actually, I had (at last count) 26 come up. 6 of those have gone to live with Angie:

Our friend Vino came by a couple weekends ago to help nail up plywood. I think we've scared him off, he hasn't been back. We've nicknamed him 'Thor' for his, ah, ability to handle a hammer.

I *finally* got Matt to Fitzgerald Pottery in Dillsburg. He seemed just as in love with their stuff as I did, and we came home with 2 new mugs and a small bowl. He was very partial to the light green, while I liked the brick and dark greens and blues better.
Not much work got done on the garage this weekend even though the weather was gorgeous. Matt came down with a stomach bug on Sunday and he was out of commission pretty much all day.


YD, sometimes with Samantha and June said...

I love those mugs! Will have to check out that website. Thanks!
Hope Matt feels better.
Jody, are you also in zone 5?

Mama Pea said...

I've always had really good luck with Lincoln peas up here in da nort' country. They're an old, standard variety and I put a lot of faith in the basic, tried and true varieties that have been around forever. I envy you having the climate to get yours started already . . . mmmm, fresh peas! Soooo good!

Years ago, I used to buy a dried vegetable mix to throw in soups and it had dried carrots in it so I'm betting you'll have good luck with yours.

Jody M said...

From what I remember, the pottery people were on Martha Stewart once. I *love* their work so much.

Matt is much better, thanks!

We are in zone 6, but I think it is right on the Z7 line. So I like to think of it as Z6 with benefits.

Mama Pea, about how tall do the Lincoln's get? I'm hoping I didn't put them in too early!

Mama Pea said...

My package of Lincoln peas says they get about 2-1/2' high and need no support. I ALWAYS trellis all my peas because they're so much easier to pick that way and I think tend to not get moldy (lying on the ground, not as much air circulation) should we have a wet year. Mine last year grew at least 3' high but maybe they do that when they have something to climb on??

Jody M said...

I agree, I always do supports for the peas, too. Little Marvel is supposedly a 'bush pea' and said it didn't need support, which is bull. It climbed over 3' last year! I had supports there anyway, fortunately.

I use branches and cuttings from bushes and flower stalks to support the peas. I have some longer and some shorter this year, and I wanted to get an idea of what I should use for Lincoln. Thanks!!