Saturday, March 20, 2010

The New Flowerbeds

I have two new flowerbeds to plant this year. I don’t think I talked about them last year, but I had planned on it. One is a small corner bed with a decorative rock. The other is much larger (above), the entire side of the driveway and under the maple tree (so shade garden, too).

I have planted a few things in each bed, don’t know how they will take over the winter. Lots of space to take up, so one of the things I’ve been doing in sitting down and making a wish list of all the flower plants and seeds I’d like to get, semi-regardless of price. I won’t get all of it. I’ll be surprised if I get half of it, really, but it is nice to see where my interests lie in this area.

So, here is a sample of my wishlist:

Territorial Seeds
- Amaranth, Autumn Touch (flower) Already ordered.
Tulip Tree Hill
- Cotton, Earlene’s Green and Nankeen (yes, really)
Big Dipper Farm
– two varieties of hardy fuchia(!), a red lady hellebore, and a single flowering red anemone, which I have been looking for forever and could only find doubles at this point, so there is a good chance I’m ordering from these people.
Select Seeds:
Feverfew-Virgo; Tobacco-Crimson Bedder and Woodland; Mexican Tulip Poppy; Clematis-Roguchi; Delphinium-Royal Aspiration
Roots & Rhizomes:
this one surprised me with a long list. Coreopsis-redshift; Delphinium-Coral Sunset; Helleborus-Golden Lotus and Peppermint Ice (at $15/each, probably not gonna happen); Daylilly-Rose Crush; Trollius-Cheddar; Verbascum-Caribbean Crush; Kirengeshoma; Periscaria-Painter’s Palete. Also, various hostas.
Dutch Gardens & Dutch Bulbs: almost sure these are the same people, so I’m combining the lists: Hosta-mix; Blue Sea Holly; Himalayan Blue Poppy ($24.99? Probably not going to make the cut); Primula-Francesca & Red Cap; Potentilla-Fire Flames; Oriental Lily-Nippon; Primrose-Poker; Dahlia-Bishop of Llandaff
Bluestone Perennials: for some reason, almost everything is sold in groups of 3 plants. But I only want one!! So, I’ll price elsewhere….grumble….Aquilegia-Tequila Sunrise; Artemisia-Powis Castle (mine bit it, I want to replace it); Mums-various; Digitalis-Obscura & Pam’s Choice; Geum-Fireball & Flames of Passion. Mallow-Purple Satin

Stay tuned for updated pictures as things start growing!!

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