Saturday, June 5, 2010

New Flowerbed

I believe I have mentioned before that one of my projects this year is to fill in the new flower bed that we started last year.

This is the area beside the driveway before we started. Matt cleared all the sod off with Kubby the Kubota. We lined the area with a thick layer of hay, put in a few large, decorative stones, and I started planting. I don't have many pictures (yet) of the whole area, but I do have a few closeups of some things that are blooming now.

I put in several creeping thyme plants in what will be small pathways. This one is blooming!

Barbara gave me some Bronze Beauty Dutch Iris bulbs, here they are as a group.

And here is a close up of one.

A rose I picked up last year. It is a Jackson & Perkins Hot Cocoa rose they also had marked as Cesar Chavez. I happen to like Cesar an awful lot, so I got it. Notice how light the opened rose is compared to the buds.

One of the buds close up.

I will get more pictures soon to show the overall progress.

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