Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day of Chickening, Part 3

It took a bit longer than exptected to get the run done (a week). They were fine, "cooped up" (hahahaha) for a week, the temps were ok, and we engineered the roof on one side so that we could prop it open to allow for ventilation.

Then, on Sunday, we opened the door for the first time.
(A whole new world! A new, exciting point of view!)

The redish/peach one was the first out! Good girl!

Finally, a few more brave souls made the 'leap'

Introducing a few. Introductions will be ongoing as their personalities (and genders) make themselves known. The black and white one in the middle got a name first: Eagle, due to the markings. The blacker one is a Cuckoo Marans, they lay very dark brown eggs. The other white one in the picture has peach feathers on its chest.

Here is Eagle with the four red hens. One of the (the one on the right?) is ligher colored than the others, doesn't have puffy cheeks or greenish legs (like the rest of the Easter eggers do, regardless of color) and has pink legs. I'm not sure if she really is an Easter egger, but time will tell.

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Mama Pea said...

Just wait until somebody discovers the first worm!